CPS Launches a New Spark for Specialty Pharmacy

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CPS Launches a New Spark for Specialty Pharmacy

CPS Launches a New Spark for Specialty Pharmacy 

CPS has been transforming pharmacies across the country for nearly half a century by delivering leading pharmacy solutions to our clients. We continue that proud tradition today with the introduction of Azina. 

Azina is a specialty pharmacy network solution built in response to - and in support - of our hospital and health system partners as demand for specialty medications continues to escalate.  

Azina is a complete enterprise solution that unleashes the powerful potential within the health system - by finding new sources of revenue, retaining and growing the patient base and improving patient care outcomes. Whether a hospital has an established specialty pharmacy or needs one that they can own and operate, Azina can manage the complex administration and accreditation challenges while improving access to limited distribution drugs. 

Azina provides expertise in:

  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Turnkey Specialty Pharmacy – with specialty patient management powered by advanced software technology
  • Infusion Services

Azina has a unique execution model that flexibly adapts to the needs of each hospital or health system, comprised of:

  • Strategy – We analyze opportunity, assess payor mix and 340B to craft your specialty pharmacy strategy.
  • Design – We create a facility plan incorporating your existing retail pharmacy or new build-out and oversee its construction, communications center, IT and telepharmacy operations.
  • Operations – We review and support all retail pharmacy functions, hire and train a team, integrate with the existing patient care team, create marketing solutions and provide patient care services.
  • Growth – We obtain dual accreditation and ensure compliance within nine months of the go-live date, provide intelligence regarding the specialty business, drive payor contracting solutions and interface with drug manufacturers regarding limited distribution treatments.



Achieve your own fully integrated delivery network with Azina