CPS SPARx has a new name – we are now Azina!

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CPS SPARx has a new name – we are now Azina!

For more than five decades, Comprehensive Pharmacy Services has worked tirelessly to grow our services and solutions, becoming a leader in the industry. Our SPARx division has propelled this mission with a singular focus on specialty pharmacy services. Today we are proud to share a major milestone with the pharmacy industry, illustrating our commitment to holistic solutions that support the entire continuum of care.

We are Azina

CPS SPARx has rebranded as Azina: empowering everything from A to Z in your Approach!

Azina empowers local hospitals and health systems by optimizing performance, driving revenue, and improving patient outcomes. Our new brand identity takes the look and feel of our company to the next level to match the quality and scope of our solutions. The Azina brand is rolled out in our new website, graphics, mission statement, social media accounts, and more.

Azina is set to revolutionize specialty and ambulatory patient care at the local level. Our new brand identity positions us for this next chapter of growth.


Achieve your own fully integrated delivery network with Azina